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Ice Cream Strategy & Community Involvement Strategy
Ice Cream Strategy & Community Involvement Strategy

This example was provided by Dave Ehlke

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  • The general overview of this strategy is to promote your growing business. Dave Ehlke contacts a local ice cream parlour to partner with him on his business.

  • Dave then provides his leads with an ice cream voucher, that can only be redeemed if they talk a photo of themself with their ice cream, tag Dave and the parlour, and post it on Facebook. 

How to implement this method?:

  • Instead of providing your leads with a more typical voucher, search for a local shop in your area that you can promote.

  • Look for a business that will partner with you, so both parties benefit. Lynea Carver has also done this. Another client partnered with a local animal shelter🐶🐱

  • Build the promotion so some kind of social aspect is involved.

  • Facebook tag

  • Twitter

  • Instagram 

  • These vouchers can be mailed, or delivered as door knocker items. 

  • If possible, have your meetings at this new location


  • Providing your leads with added value provides you with a memorable wow factor.

  • Providing them with a voucher from a local area shows you know the neighborhood well, which provides you with an advantage over other realtors. 

  • Your name, as well as promotions, will be more widely known on social media and in the community. 

  • You will be building a trusted name and brand for your business. 

  • Leads will be more inclined to open any mail or door hangers you provide them with.

  • A trusted member of the community

  • Assisting other businesses 

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