Initial Email (30 Day Mail list)

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Overview: Every lead that comes through will go on the 30 day mailer. Never leave the lead without homework. Always give them a reason to contact you back. 

Ex:  Ask for images of the home, ask if the home was ever damaged by a big local storm, or ask general questions about the property. 

Dave makes sure in this 30 day mailer that he gets down to the base bones, and removes himself from the selling aspect for a brief moment. This means, Dave will include a ‘close to home’ aspect for the lead. Ice Cream promotion, local coffee card etc. Send the lead to a local area. Dave also keeps the email content short, with just the essential information. See below as example:

30 day email campaign example: 

Hey there,

This is __________, and thank you so much for reaching out. I offer a service so everyone can keep an eye on their personal market for if they choose to sell their home in the future. 

This is how the process would start. I offer a 15-20 min free tour of your home to see the quality, how many bedrooms, and any other details of the home. I know this year there was a big storm in our area. Was your home damaged in any capacity?

If you have time in the future, I’ve included my schedule below. Please feel free to reach out via text, or phone at any point.

Thanks so much! 

First and Last name

Email Address

Website (if applicable) 

Important note: Including a personal touch in the email about recent storm in their area, or something that shows you know the area, and how their home is. 

Attach your schedule at the bottom, to let the lead know when you’re free for a conversation. Even if you aren’t busy, include only a few times so it appears as though you are. 

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