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How do I put my account On-Hold?
How do I put my account On-Hold?

Learn how to place your account on hold.

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The On-Hold option allows you to still have access to your dashboard, your leads, and all StreetText resources. It locks you into your current subscription rate and no prepayment will be required when you are ready to activate the ads and return to StreetText. You can place your account on hold for $50 per month.

This is the perfect plan for those who are needing time to catch up on their leads, time to learn best practices, time to deal with life, or need time to convert leads into listings without losing access to their account.

Please note that your Facebook ads are not active during the “On-Hold” period, so no new leads will come in. You are also unable to create new ads while on hold.

You can complete the following form to let us know how long you wish to go “On-Hold” for -

If you would like to go 'off-hold', please email support at [email protected] or use the blue chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your StreetText dashboard.

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