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Should I have multiple Facebook ads?
Should I have multiple Facebook ads?

This article will explain the positive aspects of adding an additional ad to your marketing strategy

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We often get asked this question.

"Should I create an additional campaign to generate more leads?"

The short answer is yes! Adding an additional campaign will generate more leads, and will be very good for your business overall. It increases the exposure of your business page and branding, as more people have a chance to click on it and see who you are. It also allows you to test different markets and see where you should be focusing on. When you are running 2 or more ads, you can compare which one is performing better and this will indicate where you should be spending your advertising dollars.  

However, there are some things to keep in mind when making these decisions. 

Included in the StreetText subscription is the ability to run multiple campaigns at one time, without paying any extra to StreetText. However, creating another campaign means you will be spending more on your Facebook advertising budget. If you have it in your marketing budget to make this happen, then we recommend setting up an additional campaign to help grow your lead database even more.

Before adding additional campaigns you should make sure your follow up systems are set up to support more leads. Getting more leads is great but you need to be able to follow up well to covert those leads. To improve your follow up systems make sure to join our conversion class and our weekly Mastermind. You can book those here:

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