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How do I know my Facebook ad is performing well?
How do I know my Facebook ad is performing well?

This article will help you understand how to know your Facebook ad is preforming as its intended.

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Your Facebook ad performance will fluctuate from time to time, however it will mostly stay consistent if you allow for the ad to build relevancy.

Read the following to know what a healthy ad will look like. 

  1. Healthy Lead Flow:

Every area is different in regards to the number of leads you will receive on a day-to-day basis. You will have a general idea, on average, of what is "normal" for your account based on your submission history. That being said, your lead flow can change from week to week depending on Facebook's algorithm, and the audience it is showing your ad to at any given time; some days, there may be leads that are more resistant to input their personal information online than others, and that is normal. 

Your lead flow can change depending on events in your market, holidays, or if the seasons are changing. This is also not uncommon, or a concern, as Facebook does become more competitive at certain times in the year. 

Facebook gives your ad a score out of 10 depending on how relevant it is in the market. This relevancy score does fluctuate which may also result in a change of lead flow. Again, this is very normal for the Facebook advertising world. 

If your lead flow is slow for longer than 7 days, you may want to contact us for an ad reset. An ad reset forces Facebook to show your ad to a new audience which in turn, can boost your lead flow.

2. Ad Engagement

The more engagement your ad has, the better it will perform. You'll be notified if anyone comments, likes or shares your ad so keeping an eye on the traction will give you a good indicator as to how your ad is doing. The best thing to do is comment, and reply to posts to boost engagement. You can also groom this for negative comments and conversations, which will help with the performance and how people see the ad. 

3. Inquire with your Lead Generation Specialist:

If at any point you have any questions regarding your lead flow, or how your ad is doing, please feel free to touch base with your lead generation specialist at any point. They will be able to cover any questions you may have - and take action on the ad if need be.

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